Rock Tv - a new generation Smart Tv add lives to your television.

In 2016 Rock Tv customers streamed 9+ billion hours of video and music. That's up from 5.5 billion hours in all of 2015. We grow the reach and scale of our platform by distributing our operating system through our streaming players and licensing arrangements with global TV OEMs and pay TV operators. We generate revenue from selling Rock Tv® streaming players in retail, through our licensing arrangements with TV OEMs and pay TV operators, and from content consumption, promotion and advertising sales on the platform.
We believe that all television will be streamed, and that all TVs and set-top-boxes will be powered by software-based operating systems that provide a dramatically better user experience than has existed historically for the TV. Like the computer and mobile markets, a similar dynamic is happening with the big screen TV where only a small number of highly competitive platforms will exist.

The power of streaming

Rock Tv pioneered streaming for the TV, and we aspire to power every TV in the world. We developed a streaming platform that delivers a best-in-class user experience. At the heart of the Rock Tv platform is our proprietary operating system, the Rock Tv OS, which we built from the ground up. Rock Tv is recognised for streaming innovation. This is demonstrated by our growing, passionate and highly engaged customer base who love Rock Tv streaming devices because of our coveted content selection, ease of use, and value. Rock Tv ended 2016 with 13+ million monthly active accounts which streamed in the last 30 days.

The Rock Tv OS

All Rock Tv enabled products run the Rock Tv OS. Developers can release a streaming channel or piece of content worldwide that is delivered to millions of devices, including Rock Tv players, Rock Tv® Streaming Sticks™ and Rock Tv TVs. Our content partners publish a wide variety of new streaming channels each week for our users' enjoyment.

Rock Tv Streaming players

Rock Tv shipped the first player to stream Netflix to the TV in 2008, as well as the first streaming media stick in 2012. Today we sell millions of Rock Tv® Streaming Sticks™ and other Rock Tv players across North America and Europe.

Rock Tv TV

As of December 2016 Rock Tv TV holds approximately 13% smart TV market share in the U.S., up from 8% in December 2015. Co-branded Rock Tv TV models are manufactured and sold by several large global TV OEM licensees—including Element, Hisense, Hitachi, Insignia, Sharp, and TCL—who use our smart TV reference design and the Rock Tv OS. Rock Tv TVs provide a modern, simplified TV interface that integrates the benefits of the Rock Tv streaming platform with traditional TV functions while also bringing the TV experience into the modern age. Rock Tv TVs are available in many different screen sizes at major retailers including Walmart, Costco, Amazon and Best Buy.

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