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Service Content and Third-Party Content on the Services In addition to the content branded as MX Originals and other content fully owned by Rock Play (collectively “Service Content”), we also host and transmit/distribute third party content (including advertisements) as provided by content owner/licensor/producer/aggregator/distributor on "as is" basis without any modification or involvement in creation of such third party content ("Third Party Content") (hereinafter “Service Content” and Third Party Content” shall be collectively referred to as “Content”). For such Third-Party Content, Rock Play acts purely as an "Intermediary" as read and construed under Electronic Transaction Act, 2010 of Singapore or any relevant laws of Singapore or as construed under equivalent local laws of Your jurisdiction and rules thereunder as applicable. Rock Play expressly excludes any kind of liability related to Third Party Content. Being an “Intermediary”, Rock Play has no responsibility and / or liability with respect to any Third- Party Content on the Services, including without limitations, for intellectual property rights infringement, defamation, illegal content or any other violation under applicable law. Content (subject to available rights) will be made available to You through different modes, at the discretion of Rock Play, including via video on demand basis for viewing at the User's discretion at a time chosen by You and download for offline viewing by You. For downloading any Content, please note that: (a) the downloads are temporary in order to allow You to view the Content within a specified period of time and You shall not attempt to or actually make a permanent copy of the Content in any manner or form, and (b) not every Content may be available for download for offline viewing. Please note that the availability of, and Your ability to access, the Content or some part of Services, (a) is subject to our sole discretion and (b) may be dependent upon Your geographical location and (c) is on the condition that not all Content or Services will be available to all User(s). On account of the nature of the Internet, the Services may also be accessed in various geographical locations; and You hereby agree and acknowledge that You are accessing the Services, at Your own risk, choice and initiative and You agree and undertake to ensure that Your use of the Services complies with all applicable laws including the local laws in Your jurisdiction. Further, the Services and Content may vary from place to place, time to time and device to device and would be subject to various parameters such as specifications, device, Internet availability and speed, bandwidth, etc. You agree and acknowledge that Rock Play may monitor or use certain technologies for monitoring of Your activities for the purpose of giving You better user experience or improvise the Service in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Rock Play may categorize and classify certain Content and provide disclaimers with respect to the Content, for viewers to choose such content for viewing. Some content offered on the Service may not be suitable for some users and therefore user’s discretion is advised. Also, some Content offered on the Services may not be appropriate for viewership by children. Parents and/or legal guardians are advised to comply with applicable laws and exercise discretion before allowing their children and/or wards to access Content on the Service. Please refer to our Age Suitability Policy as applicable to You if You use and access the Service. Rock Play does not pre-screen the Third- Party Content and has no obligation to monitor any Third- Party Content. Therefore, Rock Play may not always have actual or specific knowledge of any Third- Party Content on the Services. However, Rock Play at its discretion and in accordance with applicable law may monitor any Third- Party Content and may remove any Third- Party Content from the Services if Rock Play determines in its sole discretion that such Third- Party Content is in violation of this User Agreement or any applicable law. Rock Play, at its discretion, may review the Third Party-Content only when complaints are received from You or any third party. Such actions do not in any manner negate or dilute our position as an “Intermediary” or impose any liability on Rock Play with respect to Third- Party Content. Any use or reliance on any Service Content or materials posted via the Services or obtained by You through the Services is at Your own risk. Rock Play does not endorse, support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any Third-Party Content. You understand that by using the Services, You may be exposed to Third Party Content that might be offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate. Under no circumstances will Rock Play be liable in any way for any Third- Party Content, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any Third-Party Content, or any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Third- Party Content made available via the Services or narrow casted elsewhere. Subscription Services Some of the Content under the premium category, presently branded / marked as "MX Gold", can be availed and accessed only by Users who have opted for any of the specific subscription plan as offered on the Service, from time to time ("Subscription User").We may offer different kinds of subscription plans (monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly or any other period as offered on the Service) each of these subscription plans will be subject to different limitations and restrictions, the cost and/or period of each of these subscription plans may vary (each as “Subscription Plan”). No free trial period shall be provided for subscribing the Subscription Plan and even after subscribing to the Subscription Plan unless otherwise offered by MX at its sole discretion. We shall have the discretion to make certain Content that is a part of the subscription available to You on more than one end user compatible system concurrently. We shall also have the discretion to make certain Content whether forms a part of any subscription plan or otherwise, available to You under one Account and more than one device concurrently. To become a Subscription User, You will be required to either create an account which will contain information like Your Apple and/or Facebook account and/or Google account, and/or mobile number, as the case may be (“Account”). Some of this information might need to be verified by You to proceed further through one-time-password to be sent to the User registered mobile number. You should at all times while accessing/using the Service (i) be a registered subscriber of Rock Play; (ii) hold a valid Account (as defined above) with Rock Play. If You have reason to believe that Your Account details have been obtained by another without consent, You should contact Rock Play at support@mxplayer.in immediately to suspend Your Account and cancel any unauthorized subscription orders or payments (if any) that may be pending. Please be aware that subscription orders or payments (if any) can only be cancelled up until provision of Services has commenced. In the event that an unauthorized provision commences prior to Your notifying as required under this section of the unauthorized nature of the order or payment, We will suspend provision of Services and the withdrawal of any scheduled payments pending investigation. Following investigation, it shall be determined at sole discretion of MX, whether or not to cancel the Services and permit a full or partial refund of the payment for unauthorized order or revalidate Your Account post reverification and revalidation. 4A. Subscription Fee And Subscription Term After successful creation of the Account, You will be required to pay a subscription fee for accessing the Service in the territory where You reside, depending on one or more of the subscription packages options as made available by Rock Play from time-to-time (“Subscription Fee”). The Subscription Fee specified for each Subscription plan is inclusive of applicable taxes. You will be required to pay the Subscription Fee through the App purchases from Apple store or through other modes as prescribed or may be available. On successful completion of the payment towards the Subscription Fee and post authentication, Service subscribed by You will become active and You will be granted access to the Service. In certain cases, post completion of the payment of the Subscription Fee, Your Service activation may be delayed due to operational and/or technical reasons. The subscription packages opted by You will be applicable for a specified period (“Subscription Term”) which may be either on monthly basis, quarterly basis or yearly basis, or as indicated on the Rock Play, from the date You subscribed the Service. Service shall remain active for the relevant Subscription Term. You can access the status of Your subscription anytime through the "Account" section on Your profile page. We reserve the right to change, terminate or otherwise amend the subscription packages and/or Subscription Fees and/or billing cycles at our sole discretion and at any time. Such changes shall be effective/ applicable post completion of the ongoing Subscription Term already availed by the User. In case of revision in the Subscription Fee for a particular membership plan or for any extension or renewal period, Rock Play may give You an advance notice of such revision whether by way of notification on the Service itself or through Your registered e-mail or registered mobile number (as the case may be). Your continued use of the Service post such notification upon commencement of renewal or extension period, shall be construed as acceptance of the revised Subscription Fees. The Subscription Fees paid are non-refundable irrespective of whether the Service have been availed and/or consumed. Your subscription plan will continue to remain active till the end of the Subscription Term, irrespective of when You cancel the Service. In event of any fraudulent transaction, we may refund the Subscription Fee during the Subscription Term post successful verification and confirmation from third-party payment gateways / service providers, engaged to process and facilitate the payment of the Subscription Fee, post which Your subscription will be deactivated, and Your access to Subscription Service shall be revoked. Any changes in the subscription plan opted by You is effective only after the expiry of the current Subscription Term for which You have already been billed. Accordingly, the Service as per revised plan opted by You shall be effective only after the expiry of the then current Subscription Term. In the event you decide to upgrade the existing / ongoing subscription pack, the terms for such subscription will be accordingly adjusted and extended for the additional term. Subject to the User opting for a subscription pack of higher value than the existing Subscription pack. Post cancellation of Your subscription, if You wish to re-subscribe to the Service, You may do so from Your "Account" page.

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